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Jiminy Cricket
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Disney's Pinocchio: The Series
Occupation: Summons
Species: Cricket
Age: Unknown
Relatives: The Blue Fairy (Close Each Other)
Friends: The Stupid Little Boys Pinocchio (character)Pinocchio, Patty, Geppetto, Gladys, Figaro Alexander (Pinocchio) and Cleo
Enemies: The Coachman's Goons Stromboli Lampwick The Coachman
Voiced by: Phil Snyder

Jiminy Cricket: a cheerful and wise cricket who acts as Pinocchio's "conscience" and the partial narrator of the story. By the voiced Phil Snyder.

Jiminy Cricket Appearance[]

True to his name, Jiminy is an anthropomorphized cricket, though he bears virtually no resemblance to real-life crickets. He has olive skin, thin black eyebrows, four-fingered hands, and wears the famous white gloves many older Disney characters wear. He dresses very formally, wearing a royal blue top hat with an orange band near the base, a red vest with a single, pink button on the front, a yellow ascot, a black blazer, and a high-collared white shirt. He also sports tan pants and yellow shoes with black tips. Jiminy also carries a red umbrella. Lampwick