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Kazeem a young genie

Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Sofia the First
Species: Genie
Friends: Sofia, Sergeant Fizz, King Roland II, Queen Miranda, Prince Zandar, King Habib and Queen Farnaz
Enemies: Sergeant Fizz (formerly), Omar, Ali Bobo
First Appearance: New Genie on the Block
Last Appearance: Pin the Blame on the Genie

Kazeem is a young genie who appears in the Disney Junior animated series Sofia the First.



Kazeem is a fun-loving genie who loves granting wishes. He's also shown to be mischievous to the point of having little regard for rules and responsibility which can make him a bit of a troublemaker. His main goal is to make people happy as shown when he wanted to grants as many wishes he could for as many people he could as opposed to just three wishes for just one person and when he started listening to Sofia after she showed him that his wish granting was doing more harm than good.

Powers and Abilities[]