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Kelly Cranshaw
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Handy Manny
Species: Human
Age: 20
Relatives: Elliot (brother)
Friends: Manny (love interest), Mr Lopart, Oso
Voiced by: Nancy Truman

Kelly Cranshaw, one of Manny's close neighbors, is ginger and has green eyes. She has a little brother called Elliot. She owns the hardware store and always has what Manny needs. She also seems to know and have anything Manny needs for his work. It is hinted that she has an obvious crush on Manny. Kelly danced with him in the episode Tool Dance.


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Kelly will give love to a child, plant or even Manny! She cares for all the hardware she keeps and likes to solve Manny's problems. Kelly likes to give toys to Chico, Manny's adorable baby nephew and lots of care to him and the toys. Kelly respects the tools' intelligence because she wants to teach them, but Manny does it instead. Kelly is a very beautiful ginger-haired green-eyed hardware store owner, who has a obvious crush on Manny. She wears a pink blouse with blue jeans, blue earrings, a little brown waist purse and pink shoes.

Kelly's Relatives[]


  • Kelly was the one who caught the bouquet of flowers tossed by newlywed Mrs Portillo as part of a wedding tradition on the episode, "Wedding Day".