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Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Cresant Wrench
Age: 25
Relatives: Lefty (husband), Junior (son)
First Appearance: Manny's School for Tools


Lily is an adult female cresant wrench.


Lily is the wife of Lefty and the mother of Junior. She loves and deeply cares about her son like how all mothers do. Sometimes she can overprotective of her son. She can get very emotional at times and will end up crying.


Lily is a medium sized cresant wrench. She is a golden-yellow colored and has thick, long eyelashes.


  • The Tools' New Team-  She appeared alongside with her husband, Lefty and her son, Junior, met Manny and his tools, and helped fix Manny's truck.
  • Hank's Birthday- Appeared with her family and the automotive team. Was feeling depressed  due to the fact they can't celebrate Hank's birthday. They go with Manny and his tools to celebrate Hank's birthday.