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Disney Jr. is a brand of children's television channels owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company, aimed at small children between 2 and 7 years old.[1] Since its American debut on February 14, 2011 (Valentine's Day 2011),[2] the brand was launched worldwide. In most countries the channel was formerly known as Playhouse Disney.

Disney Jr. started closing internationally in 2019, mostly in Europe and Asia-Pacific, as it transitioned viewers to Disney+ and Disney Channel's morning blocks, while other versions remain.


On September 28, 1999, the Playhouse Disney brand was extended internationally with the launch of a self-branded block on Disney Channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland. On September 29, 2000, Disney Television International expanded the block with the launch of a channel in the country alongside the launch of Toon Disney and Disney Channel +1 on the Sky Digital platform.[3] On April 4, 2009, Egmont Group launched a companion Playhouse Disney magazine in the United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland that focused on the channel's four most popular shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Handy Manny and Little Einsteins. Each issue included "to do" pages and suggested activities for parents and children based on an educational theme. The Playhouse Disney block on Disney Channel UK & Republic of Ireland was eventually disposed of in July 2004 after reducing hours of programming.[4] The Playhouse Disney channel available there, however, continued to air until it was replaced by Disney Junior on May 7, 2011.[5]

On November 30, 2007, Astral Media launched a Canadian version of Playhouse Disney Channel under a brand licensing agreement with Disney-ABC Television Group; the channel operated as a multiplex channel of Family Channel, which had long maintained a programming distribution agreement with Disney Channel for the domestic rights to the U.S. channel's series until January 2016. A Canadian-French version of Playhouse Disney was launched on July 5, 2010, also by Astral Media. The English & Canadian-French channels were both replaced by Disney Junior on May 6, 2011.[6]

The first Disney Jr. to launch outside the U.S. was in Latin America on April 1, 2011,[7] replacing the Playhouse Disney Channel, it later rebranded in most countries replacing their Playhouse Disney brands mostly in 2011, such as Canada on May 6,[8] the United Kingdom and Ireland on May 7,[9] Italy on May 14, France on May 28,[10] Australia and New Zealand on May 29,[11] the pan-CEMA feed (Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)[12] on June 1, and Spain on June 11.[13]

Japan and India's programming blocks were rebranded on July 3 and 4 respectively, with channels in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and South Korea on July 11,[14] along with Germany, Austria and Switzerland on July 14, Israel on July 18, and Scandinavia and the Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg) on September 10.[15]

The Romanian channel launched on March 1, 2012,[16] India and Japan's channels were also launched on October 1 and 15 respectively, It became available in Portugal since November 1, 2012,[17] and Russia's block rebranded on September 1, 2013, concluding the Playhouse Disney brand.

The Hungarian feed was launched on July 1, 2015, but shut down in late 2017 due to lack of distributing for most of the Hungarian pay TV providers.[18][19] It would plan to cease on October 12, but moved instead to December 5,[20] discontinuing the Hungarian language audio track.

Disney Jr. in Canada (both English and French), originally owned by DHX Media, discontinued on September 18, 2015[21] as Corus Entertainment acquires Disney's rights. The English version relaunched on December 1, 2015, however, La Chaîne Disney's block, Disney Junior sur La Chaîne Disney, carries most preschool shows in French.

On April 1, 2019, Disney Jr. discontinued in the Netherlands,[22] while it continues broadcasting in Belgium (particularly the Flanders), however after a year of absence, most programs returned to Mickey Mornings on Disney Channel since November 17, 2020. Some Disney Junior channels were discontinued in favor for Disney+, such as Australia and New Zealand on April 30, 2020, Italy on May 1, and the United Kingdom and Ireland on October 1.

The same closure occurred in Malaysia on January 1, 2021, the German channel on September 30,[23] Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and South Korea on October 1, Taiwan's programming block on Disney Channel on December 31, 2021, and the Brazilian feed on April 1, 2022,[24] with the Russian block halted in December that year.

Current channels[]

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Market Type Formerly Launch date Availability Operator
United States Channel SoapnetTemplate:Ref Template:Dts (except for DirecTVTemplate:Ref) Nationwide Disney Branded Television
Block (Mickey Mornings) Playhouse Template:Dts[25] (as Disney Junior) Template:Dts[26][27] (as Mickey Mornings)
Latin America Channel (North) Template:Dts (Playhouse)


Caribbean, Central America, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela Disney Media Networks Latin America
Channel (South) Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay
Block[28] (Brazil) Template:Dts Nationwide
France[29] Channel Template:Dts (Playhouse)
France and overseas, Haiti, Belgium, Luxembourg, Francophone Africa, Switzerland The Walt Disney Company Limited[12][30][31]
Channel (HD) 2009 (Playhouse)


CEE, Middle East, and Africa[12] Channel Playhouse (except Bulgaria and Romania) Template:Dts
Template:Dts (Bulgaria and Romania)[16]
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia,[32] Cyprus, Greece, Kosovo, MENA, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Turkey
Spain Playhouse Template:Dts[33] (Playhouse)


Spain, Andorra
Japan Block Template:Dts[34] Nationwide The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.
Channel Template:N/a Template:Dts[34]
India Block Playhouse Template:Dts (Playhouse)[35]
July 4, 2011
India, Bhutan,[36] Maldives,[37] Nepal, Sri Lanka[38] Disney Star
Channel Template:N/a October 15, 2012
Israel Channel Playhouse Template:Dts (Playhouse)
Nationwide The Walt Disney Company (Israel) Ltd.
Benelux[12] Template:Dts[40][15] Belgium; formerly Netherlands The Walt Disney Company Limited[12][41]
Scandinavia 2006 (Playhouse)
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Portugal Channel Disney Cinemagic Template:Dts[17] Portugal, Angola, Mozambique
Canada Channel (English) Template:N/a Template:Dts[42] Nationwide Corus Entertainment
Block (French) on Disney Template:N/a
Germany Block (Mickey Mornings) Junior Template:Dts[43] Germany, Austria, Switzerland Disney Co. (Germany)
Netherlands Template:N/a Template:Dts Nationwide The Walt Disney Company (Benelux) BV

Template:NoteExcept for DirecTV, which replaced NASA TV, which moved to another channel and is still airing today. In DirecTV's case, Soapnet was replaced by an Informercial Channel.

Former channels[]

Market Type Formerly Launch date Discontinued date Operator
Romania Block Playhouse Disney Channel Template:Dts (Playhouse);


Template:Dts The Walt Disney Company Limited
Portugal Template:Dts Template:Dts The Walt Disney Company Iberia
Canada (original) Channel Template:Dts (Playhouse);


Template:Dts[21] Under a brand licensing agreement by DHX Media
Channel (French) Playhouse Disney Télé July 5, 2010 (Playhouse);


Hungary Block on Disney Playhouse Template:Dts Template:Dts[44] The Walt Disney Company Limited
Channel Jr. Block on DC Template:Dts[44][45] December 5, 2017[18]
Asia As a block on Disney Channel Playhouse 2000 (Playhouse);


Template:Dts The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Pte. Ltd.
Netherlands Channel Template:Dts[40][15] Template:Dts[46] The Walt Disney Company Limited
Latin America As a block on Disney Channel (4 feeds) Template:Dts Template:Dts Disney Media Networks Latin America
Australia & New Zealand Channel Template:Dts (Playhouse);


Template:Dts The Walt Disney Company (Australia) Pty Ltd.
Italy[29][47] Channel Playhouse Template:Dts (Playhouse);
Template:Dts The Walt Disney Company Limited[48]
Channel (+1) Playhouse +1 Template:Dts (Playhouse +1);
Singapore Channel Playhouse Template:Dts (Playhouse);


Template:Dts The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Pte. Ltd.
United Kingdom & Ireland[29] Channel Playhouse Template:Dts (Playhouse);
Template:Dts The Walt Disney Company (UK) Limited
Channel (+1) Playhouse +1 Template:Dts[49] (Playhouse +1);
Channel (HD) Playhouse Template:Dts Template:Dts
Malaysia Channel Playhouse Template:Dts (Playhouse);


Template:Dts[50] The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Pte. Ltd.
Latin America As a block on Nat Geo Kids (2 feeds) As a block on Disney Channel (3 feeds) Template:Dts Template:Dts Disney Media Networks Latin America
Germany Channel Playhouse July 14, 2011[51] September 30, 2021[23] The Walt Disney Company Limited[12]
Asia Hong Kong Template:Dts (Playhouse);


Template:Dts The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Pte. Ltd.
Palau Template:Dts (Playhouse);


Vietnam Template:Dts (Playhouse);


Cambodia Template:Dts (Playhouse);


Philippines Template:Dts (Playhouse);


South Korea Template:Dts (Playhouse);


Disney Channel Korea Ltd.
Taiwan Block 2004 (Playhouse);


Template:Dts The Walt Disney Company (Taiwan) Ltd.
Brazil Channel Template:Dts (Playhouse);

April 1, 2011

present[24] Disney Media Networks Latin America
Russia Block (Mickey Mornings) Template:Ubl Template:Dts Media-1 (80%), The Walt Disney Company CIS (20%)

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