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Loretta Callisto
Loretta callisto
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Miles from Tomorrowland
Occupation: Researcher

Computer coder Cosmic Explorer

Species: Human
Age: 11
Relatives: Miles Callisto (younger brother), Phoebe Callisto (mother), Leo Callisto (father), Captain Joe (uncle), Gong Gong (grandfather), Po Po (grandmother), Frida (aunt), Unnamed Great Grandfather, Unnamed Great Grandmother
Friends: M.E.R.C. (robo-ostrich), Blodger Blopp, Pipp Wimpley, Haruna Kitumba, Admirals Watson and Crick
Enemies: Gadfly Garnett
First Appearance: "Runaway Shuttle"
Voiced by: Fiona Bishop

Loretta Callisto is one of the main characters, who appears in the Disney Junior animated series, Miles from Tomorrowland. She is Miles' older sister and explores the universe with the rest of her family, and later in the series becomes a member of Mission Force One.


Official Disney Bio[]

Loretta researches and records new discoveries and has the answer to almost any question in the universe right on her wrist with her Bracelex. She's a brilliant computer coder and a great older sister to Miles. She always has his back.

Personality and Traits[]

Loretta is more intellectual than her brother, and she likes technology and gadgets. Being the brainiac part of the family, she is incredible at science and has this great thirst for knowledge. While Miles is more physical and rough and tumble, Loretta prefers doing research, rather than having fun and being chaotic. Despite being down to earth, Loretta has on some occasions known to have a little fun on the side, like surfing. Using her bracelex, she almost has the answer to any question in the universe and can translate the most ancient alien language that the Callistos encounter. Like her father, Loretta is a skilled inventor, and applies her practical nature to her craft, while Miles's inventions are less practical, at times to their detriments.


As the oldest child in the family at twelve years old, Loretta is a few inches taller than Miles. Like her brother, she is half Asian in appearance, which comes from her mother's side. She has long, deep auburn brown hair tied in a side banded ponytail, and when wearing her spacesuit her hair is tied back in a bun. Loretta has almond-shaped green eyes, light freckles across her cheeks and nose, and light pink lips. By season three she has her hair tied back in two buns.

For her usual wear, she wears a purple and magenta shirt, skirt, and leggings and white boots. Her spacesuit is purple and gray with gray gloves, purple boots, and black shoulder pads. She has the words "TTA" outlined in purple on her chest.