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Mama Hook
Mama Hook knows best
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Occupation: Pirate
Species: Human
Age: 70+
Relatives: Captain Hook (son)
First Appearance: "Mama Hook Knows Best!"
Last Appearance: "The Legion of Pirate Villains!"
Voiced by: Sharon Osbourne

Mama Hook is Captain Hook's mother. She appears in Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Peter Pan returns to never land in a photo. She made her first on-screen appearance in the episode, "Mama Hook Knows Best". She is voiced by Sharon Osbourne.



Mama Hook is spirited, eccentric, and independent. Mama Hook has a very sweet relationship with son. As his mother, she naturally loves him, but she doesn't approve of his sneaky thieving nature seen in her debut, when Jake tells her that Captain Hook stole the treasure from them. Upon hearing that he only did it to make her proud, Mama Hook forgives her son and informs him that she's always been proud of him. Jake decides to share the treasure with Hook and his mother. Unlike her son, she can be very kind and often seen fond of Jake and his crew.



Mama Hook was once queen of the Never Sea and a magnificent pirate. She was able to find all and any treasure she dared to find. She trained her son as a young buccaneer in the ways of a pirate, so that he would one day become a feared captain, much like her. However, according to Mama Hook, Captain Hook was a somewhat pitiful pirate during his training and seemed hopeless for many years. Naturally, Mama Hook loves her son, but she doesn't approve of his villainous thieving nature and wish he rely on his own skills and training to find treasure.



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