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Manuel (Blacksmith)
Character Information


Manuel is a blacksmith who had lived in Sheetrock Hills 100 years before the events of the series' current timeline. Manuel was the saviour of Sheetrock Hills, which the town was going to be abandoned due to water running out. Manuel found a water source under the ground of the town and built a well and a water pump. After 100 years later, Manny and the citizens of Sheetrock Hills regarded him as a hero.


Like Manny in the current timeline, Manuel was a helpful and kind person. He offers his services as a Blacksmith by helping people hammer the horse shoes of horses and creating metal objects. Manuel is also hardworking and determined, attempting to help people in distress, in which in the episode The Good, the Bad and the Handy, he helps the town by trying to find a water source for the people and animals to drink.


Manuel's appearance looks very similar to Manny's appearance, however the difference is the clothing of which Manuel wears. Manuel wears a grey-oranged striped bowler hat, a green striped shirt with a blue blacksmith apron over it. Manuel wears similar gloves to Manny's except the difference is that Manuel's gloves were bigger, probably made to grip heavy metal tools like giant hammers. Manuel wears long green pants and wears brown work boots.


  • Manny's Repairshop may be the spot of which the Blacksmith Shop was originally located 100 years in the past.
  • Manuel's appearance is similar to Manny's appearance. It is unknown if the two are somehow related to each other.