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March of the Lava Monsters
Season 4, Episode 13B
Air date June 21, 2016
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"March of the Lava Monsters" is the fourth season and the second segment of the thirteenth episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the One-hundred and eighth episode in the series overall.



It's a summer day on Never Land, Captain Hook was staying inside at the Volcano, He accidently drop into a lava after he found a Red Hot Medallion/the Firry Eye of Molta. Suddenly, A Lava Monster called Chief Molta has appeared from Lava. Captain Jake and his crew were going to stop turning into Lava Land from Never Land.

During Captain Jake and his crew were fight against a lava monster, They went for Bucky to get some water and then to begun using these water cannons before they makes a big drop. Meanwhile, Chief Molta knocked Bucky makes to turning around, So Captain Jake and his crew were decides to pull Bucky up because they wanted to tries make a big drop after going around.

After a While, A Red Hot Medallion has disappeared and the Chief Molta was turned into a stone, So Skully was going to tap it and ten to makes the lava plugged up. At Last, Captain Jake and his crew were returning to Pirate Island after they were successfully saved the Never Land with a Mega Lava Monster.


  • Jake and his crew were got eleven gold doubloons.
  • Chief Molta and The Lava Monsters were marked the first appearance in this episode.



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