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Maya Alanna McStuffins
Maya Aileen McStuffins
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Doc McStuffins
Species: McStuffins New Famliy
Relatives: Mr. McStuffins (adopted father), Dr. McStuffins (adopted mother), Donny McStuffins (adopted big brother), Doc McStuffins (adopted big sister) Tisha McStuffins and Sabrina McStuffins(cousins)
Voiced by: Unknown

Maya is Doc and Donny's new adopted baby sister. She makes her debut in the "Doc McStuffins" episode "Bringing Home Baby".

Role in the series[]

In "Baby McStuffins", Doc's parents stated they were going to adopt a baby. In "Bringing Home Baby", Mr. & Dr. McStuffins went to the hospital for the birth of their future adopted baby. In the end of the episode, they finally brought Maya home. In "Baby Names", Maya was still unnamed, and Donny tried to convince his parents to give her a silly name like "Cabbage" or "Spooky Baby Alien Eyes". Mr. & Dr. McStuffins said that they'd use the name "Alanna" for a middle name. While Maya was sleeping, Doc was given permission to play with her toys in the nursery, so she can let her parents know if Maya wakes up and starts fussing. While Maya is napping, her new toy Lala plays a song on her flute, which woke Maya up and made her cry. After being given a checkup, Lala sings "She's my-a little girl", and that got Doc to convince her parents to name the baby "Maya". The family decides to name their new baby "Maya Alanna McStuffins", and she enjoys this. Maya seemed unaffected by seeing the toys alive in front of her. In "Night Night, Lala", Maya is put to sleep but later wakes up and starts fussing until her sister came in and strapped Lala to her crib. Maya seemed to like seeing Lala alive at the end of the episode.

In "Welcome to McStuffinsville", Maya makes a minor appearance in the beginning, being put to sleep by Doc and Grandma McStuffins. After falling asleep, she fussed a little bit until Grandma calmed her down.

In "Cece's First Bath", it is revealed that Doc's baby doll Cece has become Maya's favorite toy. After Maya wakes up from her nap, Doc and her toys went to check on her. When Maya's baby toys came to life, Stuffy trips on a bouncy ball which bounces around the nursery. This scares Maya to the point where she cries. When Maya sees Doc holding Cece, she wants to play with her, but Doc tells her that Cece is too dirty to play with, and that makes Maya cry more. When Maya cries loud enough for Doc and the toys to hear her from the bathroom, Chilly remarks that Maya should be a professional crier. At the end of the episode, Maya is still crying until Doc comes back, having cleaned Cece, and gives her to Maya much to the baby's delight.