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Mickey Mouse Funhouse

Mickey Mouse Funhouse is a tv show. It’s the successor of Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures.


Mickey Mouse Funhouse features The Sensational Six - Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto, going on adventures revolving around Funny, an "enchanted talking playhouse who leads the Sensational Six on imaginative adventures." The group travels to Funny by calling special cars with a rollercoaster-like attachment called the "Floaty Coaster" that Windy Weathervane (who also acts as an attachment to Funny) winds up to fly over to the Funhouse Forest where Funny and his doghouse-like pet named Teddy live. Funny also has a slide compartment that the gang uses to land after their flight. After the group arrives, Funny presents multiple doors that go to different locations and provide unique journeys. Funny can also shapeshift to match with the current setting of the adventure (for instance, a pirate ship during a pirate adventure) and project his face in certain places to help the group with their situations.

Here’s the list with the corrected formatting:

1. **Mickey Mouse**

2. **Minnie Mouse**

3. **Goofy** - The clumsy but lovable friend.

4. **Donald Duck** - Mickey's spirited and sometimes short-tempered friend.

5. **Daisy Duck** - Donald's girlfriend, known for her elegance and intelligence.

6. **Pluto** - Mickey's loyal and playful pet dog.

7. **Cuckoo Loca** - A lively and helpful bird.

8. **Funny the Funhouse** - A magical, talking playhouse that helps the gang on their adventures.

These characters embark on various fun and educational adventures, teaching young viewers important life lessons and problem-solving skills.