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Mira, Royal Detective
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Mira, Royal Detective
Occupation: Detective
Species: Human
Age: 8
Relatives: Sahil (father), Pushpa (aunt), Meena (cousin), Priya (cousin), Chotu (cousin), Naveen (uncle)
Friends: Queen Shanti, Prince Neel, Kamala, Pinky, Prince Veer, Ranjeet, Manjeet, Sandeep
Enemies: Poodam, Manish
Voiced by: Leela Ladnier

Mira is the titular protagonist of the Disney Junior animated series, Mira, Royal Detective. She is a brave and resourceful commoner who becomes the royal detective after solving a mystery that saved the kingdom's young prince.

As the royal detective, Mira travels throughout the kingdom helping royals and commoners alike, and will stop at nothing to solve the case.