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Misty's Magical Mix-Up!
Season 2, Episode 34A
Air date October 4, 2013
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"Misty's Magical Mix-Up!" is the second season and the first segment of the thirty-fourth episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the Fifty-ninth episode in the series overall.




Jake and his crew pay Misty the Wonderful Witcha visit to her cottage. When the friendly witch goes a little over board with her magic while entertaining the young pirates, she accidentally triggers the Shadow Wand, reverting Misty back into the evil Sea Witch, who plans to turn the Pirate Princess into a gold statue once again.

With the sea temporarily foiled, the Pirate Princess revealed to Jake and his crew that she and the witch grew up together in a faraway kingdom, and that the witch always pulled tricks on her. Meanwhile, the Sea Witch allies herself with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee to distract Jake and his crew while she took care of the princess. The witch prepares to blast the princess and young pirate team with her Shadow Wand, but Izzy quickly uses her pixie dust on the witch, causing her to drop and destroy the Shadow Wand, leaving the witch powerless. The Sea Witch confesses the reason she wanted to turn the princess to gold is because she refuse to be her friend when they were younger, claiming the cruel pranks she played on the princess were jokes only to make her laugh. The Pirate Princess forgives the Sea Witch for her actions and befriends her, once again transforming the witch back into Misty the Wonderful Witch, and just in time to prevent Hook and Smee from making their escape with the Pirate Princess's diamonds.


  • Jake and his crew were got nine gold doubloons.