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Monster Hunters (stylized/coordinated as Monsterhunters) is an Canadian-Japanese television series created by Cody Taylor, Samantha Arellano, and Adrian Yatic. It was based on the fictional concept by Yatic.


The show setting was located within an actual apocalyptic rainforest that has been civilized by many other survivors known by the world. The civilization's town was later confirmed as Jungleville, Ontario, Canada.



  • Luke (Lucas Vision) - Punz is the main character of this series (who later becomes an official member of the Monsterhunters group). He was told to be the only survivor of an extremely deadly apocalypse that occurred near the location of the Monsterhunters' energy-sourced security/music/educational/mental base (to which the apocalypse killed his entire family). Luke seeks vengeance on his own parents by ending the life of Doctor Cyclops (the main villain of this series)
  • Toby (Toby Smith) - Toby is the very wise-but jump-gunned leader of the Monsterhunters. He was responsible for the group's strategies and tactics that they use to take down the main enemy of this series.
  • Hannah (Hannah Rose) - Hannah is the second-in-command of the Monsterhunters. She was known as Tubbo's girlfriend, sex-slut partner, and love interest during most of the show's initial run.
  • Danny (Daniel Middleton) - Danny is one of the members of Monsterhunters.
  • Techno (Alexander Tech) - Techno is the of the members of Monsterhunters.


  • James (James Rzeznik) - James is the local chemicalist/inventor of the Monsterhunters. He invents anything that can help out the Monsterhunters on their adventures.
  • Tina (Christina Kenyon) - Christina is the new local nurse of the Monsterhunters. She was known as an extremely high-ranked surgeon (who can perform multiple types of surgery at once).


  • Doctor Cyclops (Noah Brown) - Doctor Cyclops is the main antagonist of the show. Although he starts out as a cold, calm, and calculating villain, his sanity gradually deteriorates over the course of season 5, as he becomes increasingly obsessed with destroying the Monsterhunters once and for all.
  • Nurse Spirit (Crystal Gumi) - Nurse Spirit is one of the supporting antagonists in this series. She was originally human that worked for the Monsterhunters as the local nurse, until she was killed/brainwashed/resurrected by Doctor Cyclops in order to raise his chances at defeating the group once and for all.
  • Cyclops Minions (Samuel Dude/Cassandra Dugon/James Rzeznik/Daniel Middleton/Liam Heneghan) - the Cyclops Minions are the local minions of Doctor Cyclops. They usually fail to capture or spot the plans of the Monsterhunters, but do have occasional success for some unknown reasons.


The original idea was commissioned by the Taylorfilms Corporations (specifically for both Teletoon and Disney Junior). Production for the series occurred between February 2013-August 2019. The show wrapped up its production during October 2019 due to mental restraints. The Minecraft-animation services for this series were outsourced to both Taylorfilms and Toei Animation.