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The Moon Gem is a legendary magical gem featured in the Disney Junioranimated series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is hidden on Never Land, that has the power to transform anyone who comes in contact with the gem into a wolf beast(werewolf).


Izzy knew of the tale of the Moon Gem's power and warns Jake that they must head to the top of Midnight Hill before sunrise, or Jake will remain a wolf beast forever. In "Night of the Stonewolf", when Cubby thought the Moon Gem was a rock, Jake realized it was the Moon Gem and warned Cubby not to touch it or else he would turn into a werewolf. Also, in that same episode, Captain Hook warns Sharky and Bones not to touch the Moon Gem, recalling his last encounter with the gem.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Moon Gem has the power to turn those who touch it into a Wolf Beast when exposed to moonlight. The effects of the gem will become permeant if the victim does not return it back to the top Midnight Hill. In the episode "Night of the Stonewolf", the Moon Gem's lore was expanded, revealing that if anyone tries to take the Moon Gem from the Stonewolf's eye during sundown, it will come to life.