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Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Animal Mechanicals
Species: Mouse
Age: 7
Friends: Unicorn (best friend), Rex, Komodo, Sasquatch
Catchphrase(s): Mouse, Mechana-Fast!
First Appearance: Turbo Bean Trouble
Voiced by: Kether Donohue

Mouse is a yellow mouse who walks on wheels instead of her back feet. Her ears act as satellites to detect sounds. She is known to be the smallest and youngest member of the team. Because of that, she can move through tight spaces which others can't. Mouse is caring and lovable, and often helps Sasquatch when he has a problem. She likes racing and also can understand most animals.


When she transforms, she has eye protection on, just like all the other Animal Mechanicals. She lays flat, with her front paws on the ground. Her ears are flatten and her arms are connected together and are a bit stretched, her fingers are also hidden. Her back feet also extends exhaust pipes which give her more speed.


Mouse is yellow and orange with a bit of brown. Her joints are white and there is some red on the bottom of her back feet. Her wheels are purple in color.