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Mr Lopart
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Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Handy Manny
Species: Human
Age: 30
Friends: Manuel "Manny" Garcia, Fluffy (pet)
Voiced by: Tom Kenny

Mr. Lopart has a brown combover and wears glassess. He owns a pet cat called Fluffy which he likes, but Fluffy doesn't like him back. Mr. Lopart needs help but never asks Manny for his help. He always screws up and he has to clean it up. He owns a candy store next to Manny's workshop. He is a single middle aged man who lives happily with his cat Fluffy. There hasn't been a reference to him ever being in a romantic relationship. His mother is Mrs. Lopart and he has twin nephews named Lyle and Leland. He's shown as a mamma's boy.


Mr. Lopart wears glasses, has a comeover, wears size 10 loafers, purple trousers, he has purple and white shirt with purple loafers and a purple coat.


Mr. Lopart is very confident of doing things by himself without anyone helping him. Every repair Manny does, Manny offers to help him but Mr. Lopart starts being rude and says, "No problem, Manny. I've got it all under control." or "We Loparts are handy ourselves." But when Manny goes to the repair, Mr. Lopart always screws up and his combover always flings out. Mr. Lopart is a very friendly man and he is a good friend with Manny and Kelly. Mr. Lopart has a pet cat called Fluffy. She always wanders off without Mr. Lopart knowing.