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The Mystic Isles are a magical realm in the Disney Junior animated series Sofia the First. The place is an archipelago of countless floating islands home to different magical creatures and objects. The Isles are the source of all the magic in the world, where all sorts of magical creatures live. They are very hard to reach, only being able to be accessed by certain spells or by flying unicorns.

The Islands[]

  • The Isle of Crystals: An island of beautiful crystals, the Isle of Crystals is home to the Crystalmasters, who grow magic crystals for wizards everywhere to use for their staffs, wands, and amulets. Among the Crystalmasters are Azurine and formerly Prisma. The isle's magic crystals must be contained, as if they grow on other islands, they take their magic.
  • The Isle of Trolls: Where trolls live.
  • The Isle of Dragons: Where dragons live.
  • The Isle of Wishes: Where a person's greatest wish can be granted.
  • The Isle of Witches: Where witches and warlocks reside.
  • The Isle of Unicorns: Home of Skye and other unicorns.
  • The Isle of Centaurs: Where centaurs live.
  • The Isle of Dancing Deserts: So named because the desert's magic sands can show anything a person wishes to see. It also hides items that are too dangerous for frequent use, such as Shatter Stones.
  • The Isle of Magic Music: Where beautiful music can be heard.
  • The Isle of Mermaids: Where the merpeople live.
  • The Isle of Rompkins: Where rompkins live. (Hoodwinks also live on this isle.)
  • The Isle of Fairies: Where fairies live.
  • The Isle of Memories: Where a person can see memories of his/her past.
  • The Isle of Beanstalks: Where beanstalks grow.
  • The Isle of Magic Carpets: Where magic carpets are made.
  • The Isle of Forever Frost: A land of ice and snow, home of the Articondors.
  • The Isle of Wee Sprites: Where Wee Sprites live.
  • The Isle of Magical Birds: Where magical birds live.
  • The Isle of Pirates and Fairies: A land that leads to Neverland.