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Nan-Oh Hugglemonster
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Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Henry Hugglemonster
Species: Hugglemonster
Relatives: Grando (husband), Henry (grandson), Summer (granddaughter), Cobby (grandson), Ivor (grandson), Daddo (son), Momma (daughter-in-law)
Friends: Grammo (best friend)
Voiced by: Grey DeLisle

Nan-Oh Hugglemonster is Henry Hugglemonster's parental grandmother and Grando's wife.

She's a hip swingin' dancing grandmonster, and Daddo's mother.

She's lively, chatty and very friendly. She loves being outdoors and is extremely active and athletic for someone of ANY age! She especially likes monstercycling and swimming.

For her, life is an adventure - and the more adventurous the better. She enjoys exploring new places and trying new things, and Henry has inherited her sense of enthusiasm for new experiences.

Nan-Oh loves to compete in the Iron Granny contest held each year in Roarsville.

She loves to knit with her best friend Grammo Dugglemonster.

She also likes to ride around on her bike which has a sidecar for Grando!

She is a yellow Hugglemonster.




Her name is Vera.

She is not a biological Hugglemonster.

She was probably abandoned or her parents dead when she begin his maturity.