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Never Land is a magical island off the shore of Pirate Island featured in the Disney Junior animated series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Never Land is the home of Peter Pan, who has left to explore the lands beyond the Never Sea, leaving Jake and his crew to keep his old nemesis Captain Hook at bay. Never Land is inhabited by fairies, mermaids and various wild animals. The Jolly Roger, a pirate vessel captained by Captain James Hook, has been ported at Never Land for an unspecified period of time. The way to reach it is to head toward the second star on your right, and fly on straight until morning. One of the most notable qualities of Never Land is that those who live on or around it almost never grow older.



Peter is a young boy who lived on the island of Never Land, in which no one grew up. Long ago Peter traveled to London to retrieve his shadow which he had lost the night before while listening to the stories a young girl was telling her brothers. While there he met the three Darling children, Wendy, Michael and John, who he took back to Never Land with him. Peter showed the children the wonders of his home, while also being relentlessly pursued by his arch-enemy Captain Hook. Peter's hideout was eventually revealed by his jealous pixie friend Tinker Bell and Peter was almost killed by a bomb that was planted by Hook. He managed to survive only through the aid of the now remorseful Tinker Bell and he then went on to rescue the Darling children who had been captured by the evil pirate captain and his crew. After the battle, At the end of the film, Peter returned the Darling children to their home and returned to his home in Never Land.

Sometime after the events of the original film, Peter decides to explore the wonders of world beyond the Never Sea, Captain Hook stayed behind instead of following his nemesis to dominate Never Land during Peter's absence. However, Peter left Jake and his crew to keep Captain Hook at bay.