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Olie Polie
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Rolie Polie Olie
Species: Robot
Age: 8
Relatives: Zowie (sister)
Spot (pet)
Polina (mother)
Percy (father)
Pappy (grandfather)
Gizmo (uncle)
Friends: Zowie
Billy Bevel
Pollie Pi (love interest)
Space Boy
Space Dog
Gloomius Maximus
Enemies: Gloomius Maximus (formerly)
Catchphrase(s): "Okey-dokey!"
First Appearance: "Little Sister, Big Brother"
Voiced by: Cole Caplan

Olie Polie is the main protagonist of the 1998 Canadian show, Rolie Polie Olie. He is Zowie's older brother and Polina and Percy's son. He is voiced by Cole Caplan.


Olie is innocent, friendly, intelligent, playful, funny, loving, independent, caring, kind, nice, smart, polite, heroic, sweet, handsome, and good-hearted as well.


Olie Polie wears orange pants, and some brown shoes. He has an antenna on his head as well. His ears are red on both sides, an he has a brown round nose, too.


Olie is a very friendly robot who loves playing outside with his friends and family. He is playful and always loves adventures. He always uses his imagination and loves to play ball with Billy, Zowie and his other friends. He also loves going to the park to skateboard and roller stake. He is a caring and kind heart robot but occasionally teases the girls. When the twins were part of their family, he became more mature by taking care of the babies. He is smart but can sometimes be immature and innocent due to his age. In the first few sesaon 7 of the show he was more childish and had a tendency to complain when things didn't go his way, but matured and became more responsible as the seasons progressed.