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Omar is a character who appears in the Sofia the First episode "Pin the Blame on the Genie" where he is the antagonist. Actually a genie, he disguises himself as a sorcerer and blames Kazeem for the trouble he causes himself, to get King Habib to order the disbandment of the Genie Patrol.


Omar can be described as a man in late middle age about the size of King Roland. He has a long, dark gray beard which reaches his waist. His eyes are brown and his hair is mostly covered by a red turban. To cover his red genie tail, he wears a long red robe consisting of a red cloak with a red and black striped sash around his waist and a cloak he puts over it. This outer cloak which has long sleeves is colored in a darker shade of red and has some blue ornaments on it. The only things reminiscent of him being a genie are his golden wristbands he covers by the cloak he is wearing. He carries a wooden staff with a gold ring on it.


At first it appears he is just a grumpy old man who is not fond of genies, especially Kazeem, but over the course of the episode it becomes clear, that he actually is a rogue genie who blames others for the trouble he causes. He seems to be very easily annoyed by Kazeem who accidently bumps into him.

Powers and Abilities[]

As he is actually a genie, he can perform genie magic, for example giving camels wings or getting fruit to fly. He is also able to undo all his spells.


In the beginning he is introduced as King Habib's new Royal Wizard. Later it becomes clear that out of fear he couldn't get the job as a genie, he decided to disguise himself as a wizard.