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Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Disney's Pinocchio: The Series
Occupation: Princess
Species: Puppet
Age: 7
Relatives: Pinocchio (Close Pen Pal), Geppetto (Close Pinocchio's Father) and Gladys (Mother)
Friends: Jiminy Cricket, Figaro, Cleo and The Blue Fairy
Enemies: Stromboli
Voiced by: Mallerie Rigsby

Patty: A new African American wooden girl puppet carved by Gladys and turned into a living puppet by the Blue Fairy returns. By the voiced Mallerie Rigsby.

Patty Appearance[]

Patty is a new marionette made to look like a African American little girl. This is clearly reflected by has arms and legs, which are rectangular blocks of brown-colored wood. Has legs also have clear hinges at has knees. Other than this, however, it is rather difficult to tell her apart from a normal girl, and she in fact becomes one during the end credits of Kingdom Hearts III. Patty has thick, dark-brown hair and eye-browns, dark-brown eyes, and four-fingered hands. Has nose is slightly darker colored than the rest of has "skin", and shirt grows when she lies a little.

Clothing-wise, Patty wears a dark-pink hat with a pink in it, black shoes, and white gloves like those worn by many older Disney characters. She wears a light-blue, shirt under a pink lining. Has dress are light-blue, she wears a both dark-pink earings and she wears a pink bow on top with her pony-tail hair up.