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Paw Pilot
Paw Pilot
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Show: Special Agent Oso
Species: Computer
Age: 12
Friends: Oso, Wolfie, Dotty, Mr Dos, Whirly Bird, R.R Rapide, Buffo, Musa
First Appearance: "To Grandma With Love"
Last Appearance: "Thundersmall"
Voiced by: Meghan Strange

Paw Pilot is Oso's computerized assistant girl who guides Oso through the "Three special steps." that he needs to accomplish their mission.


Like Oso, she needs to accomplish her current mission. Her name is a reference to the Palm Pilot series of handheld computer.

Physical appearance[]

She is very small and has fair skin and blue eyes, purple hair, and a dark pink headband, at the end of the show she sings a song of 3 special steps and there's an overview of what Oso mission's and steps were. And as a human she wore a pink dress and blue shoes.

She looks similar to gatekeeper from the 2000 movie Little Nicky.