Paw Pilot
Paw Pilot
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Special Agent Oso
Species: Computer
Age: 20+
Friends: Oso, Wolfie, Dotty, Mr Dos, Whirly Bird, R.R Rapide, Buffo, Musa
Voiced by: Meghan Strange

Paw Pilot is Oso's computerized assistant who guides Oso through the "three special steps."


Like Oso, she needs to accomplish her current mission. Her name is a reference to the Palm Pilot series of handheld computer.

Physical appearance

She is very small and has blue eyes, purple hair, and a pink hairband, at the end of the show she sings a song of 3 special steps and there's an overview of what Oso mission's and steps were.

She looks similar to gatekeeper from the 2000 movie Little Nicky.