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Pip the Pirate Genie
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Occupation: Pirate/Genie
Lamp maker
Species: Genie
Friends: Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Pirate Princess, Winger, Red Jessica, Misty the Wonderful Witch, Captain Flynn, Pirate Mummy, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Captain Colossus, Mr. Smee (sometimes), Sharky (sometimes), Bones (sometimes),
Enemies: Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky and Bones, Dread the Evil Genie
First Appearance: "Pirate Genie-in-a-Bottle!"
Last Appearance: "The Legion of Pirate Villains!" (cameo)
Voiced by: Jerry O'Connell

Pip the Pirate Genie is a recurring character from the Disney Junior animated series, on Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He is voiced by Jerry O'Connell.


Pip is kind-hearted, cheerful, and energetic. He He dreamed of freedom and to have a big enough ship of his own to sail the vast Never Sea for adventure, but Pip could not disobey the commands of his master, even one such as Captain Hook. However, he can somewhat control the outcome of the wishes, depending on their word phrasing. Pip likes to travel and see the wonders of the Never Sea upon gaining his freedom, but he feels that his true home is Never Land. He seems to show up at times whenever he hears someone making a wish.

Physical Appearance[]

Pip is a tall, handsome adolescent genie with a slender and muscular build. He has wavy, dirty blonde hair, thick eyebrows, teal green eyes, fair skin, rosy cheeks, and pointy elf-like ears. He wears one gold loop earring on his right ear, and has a red anchor tattoo on his upper right arm. His outfit consists of a burgundy red bandanna patterned with genie lamps, a sleeveless muscle shirt with mahogany red and white stripes, navy blue pants with a golden waistband, and brown curved bucket-top boots with gold buckles. As a genie, his legs are usually a blue misty tail.

Powers and Abilities[]

Pip can easily break the laws of nature, shape-shift himself and others into anything, and warp reality at a whim: such as shrinking the Jolly Roger into the size of a toy and creating a magic lamp that can turn others into a genie. He can also sense other genies using their magic to grant wishes. However, he does have his limits to his abilities as seen on his debut: he can only grant one treasure wish per-matey of the crew that sets him free (as long as they keep a hold of his bottle) and needs to go to the Treasure Wishing Well to restore his power (as it does not seem to be endless or self-replenishing). Also, in the episode "Trouble on the High Sneeze", Belch Mountain's dusty burps causes Pip to sneeze uncontrollably, resulting in random wishes that affects his ability to control his magic. Aside from these limitations, he seems virtually-omnipotent.



Like for most popular depictions of genies, Pip was originally a slave. Though he possesses great powers, he was bound to his ship-in-a-bottle and had to use his powers when the owner of the bottle (his master) were to make a wish. He occasionally does things without granting a wish, but never anything that greatly affects the world around him. For whatever crew kept a hold of his bottle, each crew member would get one treasure wish. Pip's bottle comes into the possession of Jake and his crew one day on Pirate Island, and he remains in servitude until Jake and his crew uses the combination of their wishes to grant Pip's his own real ship, thus his freedom, at the end of the episode "Pirate Genie-in-a-Bottle!". In the song "What Be Your Treasure Wish", Pip mentions that he has never met mateys like Jake and his crew on the Never Sea.




  • Unlike most popular depictions of genies, who give three wishes per-master, Pip can only give one treasure wish per-matey.
  • Pip is an ancient genie in the teenage body.
  • In Hook the Genie, Pip can create magic lamps that turn human beings who are greedy grabby into genies


Pip - Trouble on the High Sneeze 29

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