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Pixie Dust Away!
Season 2, Episode 6B
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Season 2 Title Card - Pixie Dust Away!
Air date May 12, 2012
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Captain Hook's Lagoon

"Pixie Dust Away!" is the second season and the second segment of the sixth episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the Thirty-first episode in the series overall.



It's Pixie Dust Away day on Neverland, Jake with their crew were having fun today. However she lost all of her pixie dust after trips on a rock, And she said: "All of my pixie dust is gone and it's all my fault! I've ruined pixie dust away day." Izzy felt really sad. Then, Cubby thinks it was an accident because she forgot to looking somewhere. Jake said: "Don't worry izz, i bet the fairies can help us to get more pixie dust." Before help izzy to get more pixie dust, Jake with their crew were went to Tiki Forest first and then to ask tiki tree needs to gave us a ride first. Next, they were climbing up to the mountains. Suddenly, Hook with their crew were following Jake with their crew to reach Fountain of Forever. She worried about Hook with their crew were don't let them to find Fountain of Forever. Finally, Jake with their crew were tries to find the tunnel, the fog were covered with Jake with their crew. Jake with their friends needs to fan away from the fog. When Jake with their friends were reached the pixie peak, The fairies says: "Take this tunnel to one that glows, take it to the place with pixie dust glows!" So that they have to entering the tunnel with the fairies. After that, we reached Fountain of Forever when leaving from the tunnel, and then to help Izzy to get more pixie dust after fight against Hook.


  • Jake and his crew were got eight gold doubloons.
  • Mark Seidenberg was written in this episode.
  • This is the first time Izzy loses her pixie dust.
  • The Fountain's of Forever debut in this episode.
  • In the series, Fairy Rock makes it's first appearance.



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