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Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Babar and the Adventures of Badou
Also known as: Prince Pom
Occupation: Crown Prince of Celesteville; Architect
Species: Elephant
Age: 30+
Relatives: Periwinkle (wife), Babar (father), Celeste (mother), Arthur (uncle), Babar's mother (grandmother, deceased), Flora (sister), Alexander (brother), Isabelle (sister), Badou (son), Lulu (niece)
Friends: Cornelius, Zawadi, Munroe, Jake, Zephir, Chiku, Dandy Andi
Voiced by: Dan Lett

Pom is Badou's father, Periwinkle's husband and King Babar and Queen Celeste's son and firstborn. He is the older brother of Alexander, Flora, and Isabelle.


He has a red vest, blue pants and a belt.

Role in the Royal Family[]

Pom is in line to the throne, since he's the oldest, He is the most mature one.


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