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Poppy Peepleson
Poppy Peepleson
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Vampirina
Occupation: Woodchuck Woodsie
Ghoul Girls drummer
Ghoul Guide
Species: Human
Age: 8
Relatives: Edgar Peepleson (twin brother), Edna Peepleson (mother), Earl Peepleson (uncle), Helen Peepleson (aunt), Gladys Peepleson (aunt)
Friends: Vampirina Hauntley, Bridget, Oxana Hauntley, Boris Hauntley, Demi, Gregoria, Chef Remy Bones, Dragos the Dancer, King Pepi, Scream Girls, Bigfoot, Wolfie, Frankie Bolt, Nosferatu
Enemies: Poltergeist Pat
Voiced by: Jordan Alexa Davis

Poppy Peepleson is the deuteragonist in Disney Junior's Vampirina. She becomes Vampirina's new best friend and neighbor after Vee moves to Pennsylvania, as well as the first human to know the truth of her monster life. She is Edgar Peepleson's twin sister and Edna Peepleson's daughter.