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Prince Hugo
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Prince Hugo is a character from the TV show Sofia the First. In his debut episode, he is shown to be an antagonist and a bully. In the season two episode "The Flying Crown", he reforms as a protagonist.


In "Just One of the Princes", Hugo is shown to be rude, arrogant, and obnoxious. He enjoyed the attention from Amber, Hildegard, and Clio, who greatly adored him. He made fun of Sofia whenever she failed to ride her horse, and he also made fun of James for helping her.

In "The Flying Crown", it's revealed that despite his arrogant nature, Hugo is really a good person deep down inside. He's just been suffering from the pressure of living up to his family's legacy and the frustration at always failing to do so. He's also shown to be jealous of his older brother, Axel, who was a star athlete at Royal Prep and rubs his accomplishments in Hugo's face. When Hugo was asked to take James's place in the upcoming flying derby championships, he let his desire to be the first to cross the finish line blind him, which got him to temporarily quit at the last minute. But with the help of Sofia, James, and his flying horse Electra, Hugo learned the true meaning of teamwork. In the end, when Axel said it was thanks to him that they won, Hugo told him that it was thanks to Sofia, showing that he's a much better person and is now friends with her.

In "Lord of the Rink", it's revealed that Hugo loves Enchanted Ice Dancing but keeps it a secret from his friends and family, who think it's a female sport. Like Sofia, he has a habit of keeping secrets, doesn't like to disappoint the people he loves, and is vulnerable to peer pressure. While Hugo is a better person in this episode, he does have a mischievous streak, going as far as faking sick to get out of hockey practice. He's not very good at faking sick, but he surprisingly manages to fool his friends anyway. Hugo is also shown to be affectionate towards Sofia, and he appreciates her encouragement.