Princess Amber
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Sofia the First
Species: Human
Friends: Baileywick, Princess Cleo, Princess Hildegard
Relatives: King Roland II (father), unnamed mother (deceased), Miranda (stepmother), Prince James (brother), Sofia (stepsister)
Occupation: Princess of Enchancia
Voiced by: Darcy Rose Byrnes

Princess Amber is one of the major characters in Sofia the First. She's the princess of Enchancia and the fraternal twin of James.


Despite being regally and unbearably beautiful, Amber is initially somewhat cold, spoiled and doesn't always smile. When Sofia became part of the family, Amber was feeling jealous of her and is being mean to her. When James confronted Amber for her not behaving nicely towards Sofia that way, Amber is dejected. But when Sofia showed Amber that she accidentally put a sleeping spell on the people at the dance floor, Amber realized how vain and jealous she's been, and she apologized to Sofia and they reconciled. From that moment on, Amber gets along with Sofia very well. Amber is a big fan of Hugo, until she knew his true personality. Amber is sometimes bossy and jealous but has a good heart.


Amber wears a champagne dress with ruffles on the collar and sleeves and a corset and a silver tiara with a few topazes. She also carries a magenta fan. She has golden earrings with diamonds and rubies and blondish-brown hair. She has orange shoes. She has amber eyes and fair skin.