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Princess Ivy appears in the Sofia the First 'The Curse of Princess Ivy'

Princess Ivy Sofia the First

which was a featured episode of which Rapunzel also appeared.

Episode Plot[]

In the episode that Princess Ivy appears in, Amber finds out about the magic within Sofia's amulet. She then wants to steal the amulet, which she does. She then tries to summon a princess using the amulet. But, doing this, she is cursed and Princess Ivy appears. Ivy decides she wants to take over Enchancia and pretends to be Amber's friend. Sofia soon realizes that her amulet is missing and knows who is responsible. She goes to find Amber and take the amulet back, only to find Amber and Princess Ivy. Sofia tells Amber about how the princesses summoned by the amulet go strait back to where the came from, which Ivy overhears. Because Ivy wants to stay, she tries to destroy the amulet and turn Enchancia black and white with her magical butterflies. Sofia and Amber go to Cedric to find out about the amulet and he tells them that it can only be destroyed but Everburn the Elder dragon, which Ivy finds out about. Ivy heads to the Blazing Palisades, as do Amber, Sofia and Cedric. Ivy gets to Everburn first but does not yet have the amulet destroyed. Amber, Sofia and Cedric arrive and get the amulet and head back to Enchancia. When they get there, the castle is completely black and white. Roland, Miranda and James had all been zapped by Ivy's dragonfly and lost their memories. Ivy tries to zap Sofia with her dragonfly but Amber steps in the way, which breaks the curse and send Ivy home.

'A Kingdom of My Own' Lyrics[]

I grew up in a kingdom far away, where all was black and white, and sometimes gray

My charms were the greatest ever seen, yet still, they made my older sister queen

So I hatched a plot to bring her down, show them who should wear the crown

They caught me and without a trial, marooned me on a desert isle

All I sought was a kingdom of my own, where I could rule from a black and white throne

And my dear sister will finally be outshone

The spotlight should be mine and mine alone, that's why I need a kingdom of my own

And now your jewel, I hate to say, must be destroyed so I can stay

But someone has to pay the price, so I can have my two-tone paradise

I'll make your land a kingdom of my own, where I will rule from a black and white throne

And everybody will finally be outshone, the spotlight will be mine and mine alone

After your dear daddy's overthrown

I've got some nerve, but I deserve, a kingdom of my very own

Follow link for the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZKxuilyB0U