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Queen Lorelei
Lorelei Reading
Character Information
Gender: female
Show: Sofia the First
Occupation: Queen of Enchancia (formerly)
Species: human
Relatives: King Roland II (husband)
Princess Amber (daughter)
Prince James (son)
First Appearance: Forever Royal

Queen Lorelei is a minor character in Sofia the First. She is King Roland II's first wife and Amber and James's birth mother.


Lorelei was married to King Roland II, and they wanted a family very badly, but she was infertile (meaning she couldn't give birth to children). Roland was so desperate to become a father that he made a wish in an old wishing well he found in the garden. The wish came true, and twins were born: Amber, followed seven minutes later by James. But Lorelei's poor physical stability couldn't handle the complications, and she fell gravely ill and died, leaving Roland devastated and the children with no mother.


Lorelei looked like an adult version of Amber, having the same eyes and blonde hair. Like her daughter, she wore big earrings and a light chartreuse green dress. However, unlike Amber, Lorelei wore a crown instead of a tiara.



  • Lorelei's fate is not revealed until the series finale.
  • Her name isn't revealed on the show. It was revealed by Craig Gerber.