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Sarafina is Nala's mother, and the grandmother of Kiara and Kion. The fate of her husband remains unknown. She is voiced by Penny Johnson Jerald

Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: The Lion Guard
Occupation: Kiara and Kion's grandmother
Species: Lion
Relatives: Unknown husband, Kiara (granddaughter), Kion (grandson), Nala (daughter), Simba (son-in-law), Kovu (grandson-in-law)
Enemies: Scar
Voiced by: Penny Johnson Jerald


  • Her original name was going to be Naanda while Nala was Nadra.
  • She originally had a son named Mheetu, but that character was removed.
  • In the early concept, Sarafina was to be Sarabi's sister or sister-in-law, (as version of Naanda) but that makes Nala and Simba cousins so they confirmed it to be false.