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Seahorse Saddle-Up!
Season 2, Episode 30B
Seahorse Saddle-Up!-Title Card
Air date July 26, 2013
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"Seahorse Saddle-Up!" is the second season and the second segment of the thirtieth episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the Fifty-fifth episode in the series overall.



It is the day of the big Seahorse Saddle-Up, Jake and his crew were going to the Mermaid Lagoon to participate our thrilling seahorse race. Then, Captain Hook was made a machine, So Marina will check the Hook's Seahorse Machine and then to show the saddle-up course to Jake and his crew before the race starts.

The first one riders will jump over the floating net tiles with barrels. The Seahorse machine will hits barrels and it will gets stuck. So Jake and his crew only can jump through their barrel piles. Captain Hook asked to Jake because he does not want to help. So Jake will collect three gold doubloons.

The second one riders will zigzag through the Capsized Shipwrecks. Jake and his crew will going to zigzag through the wrecks. After they through the shipwreck obstacles, So Cubby will collect four more gold doubloons. Meanwhile, Hook was tries to under through the wrecks, however it stuck inside. So Jake and his crew will going to use the ropes to help Captain Hook was getting out from their wrecks.

At the third one, The riders were going to the golden swirl-pool and then to grab a golden ring. Just then, Hook grabs all of the golden rings from Jake and his crew. A Seahorse machine was getting stuck on the swirl-pool, So Jake and his crew will use the seaweed rope to pull Captain Hook and his crew from the swirl-pool, Izzy will collect three more gold doubloons.


  • Jake and his crew were got ten gold doubloons.
  • In this episode, Sea Flower the seahorse marks the first appearance in the series.