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The Second Star to the Right is a star and the entrance to Never Land featured in the Disney Junior animated series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. A place where you can never grow up. It is the home of Peter Pan and the various inhabits of the island. The star also serves as a portal that connects Never Land to the Mainland.



During the events of the original film, Peter learns that Wendy is to "grow up" the next day, Peter offers to take her to Never Land where she would never grow up. Wendy tries to kiss Peter out of gratitude, but Tinker Bell, who is jealous, pulls Wendy's hair. By this time, Michael and John awaken and are allowed to go with them. Peter sprinkles the three with pixie dust, and after a few false tries, they are able to fly by thinking happy thoughts. Peter then takes them with him to through the Second Star to the Right to the island of Never Land.