Disney Junior Wiki
Time Shows Episodes
12:00AM Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pluto's Bubble Bath
12:30AM Mickey's Farm Fun-Fair
1:00AM Chuggington Stop the Press Emery / Hoot v. Toot
1:30AM Handy Manny Story Hour / Long John Lopart
2:00AM Special Agent Oso From China With Love / Thunderbasket
2:30AM Octonauts The Seahorse Tale / The Enemy Anemones
3:00AM Johnny and the Sprites Johnny Helps Mother Nature / The Sprites Grow a Rainbow
3:30AM Timon and Pumbaa Animal Barn / Roach Hotel
3:55AM Picture This Etch-a-Sketch Phineas and Ferb
3:57AM Super Silly Sports Staring Contest
4:00AM 101 Dalmatians: The Series Dalmatian Vacation Part Three Dearly Beloved
4:25AM Never Land Pirate Band Pirate Island Hideout
4:30AM Lilo & Stitch: The Series Melty
5:00AM Jungle Cubs Waiting for Baloo / Tree for Two
5:30AM The Little Mermaid Stormy