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124722 SHARKY
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Occupation: Pirate
Species: Human
Age: 30+
Friends: Bones (best friend)
Enemies: Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Marina, Stormy, the Pirate Princess, Tick Tock the Crocodile, Winger, Percy the Penguin, Percy's Colony, Pearl the Penguin, Beatrice Le Beak, Fast Claw, King Zongo, Knuckles, Yo-yo, Bing-Bong, Monkey Pirates, Chaos Khan, Thunder Foot, Chief Molta
First Appearance: "The Old Shell Game"
Last Appearance: "Captain Hook's Last Stand!"
Voiced by: Loren Hoskins

Sharky is a complex character on the show. Part of the animated duo "Sharky and Bones" with his partner Bones, he spends his time musically commenting on the action, much like a Greek chorus. Sharky is also part of The Never Land Pirate Band, live action pirate rock music videos featured at the end of each episode. Featured songs include "Hot Lava," "Roll up the Map," and "Talk like a Pirate." Loren Hoskins is both the animated and real-life pirate rockers. They are members of Captain Hook's pirate crew. They usually spend time performing musical numbers rather than advancing the plot, acting as troubadours. Live action versions appear at the end of the show and perform an original song. The currently voice by Loren Hoskins and animated by John Lounsbery.



Sharky - Play It Again, Cubby! 27

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