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At Avalor Palace, the Royal Family and their friends are having a party to celebrate Isabel completing her Engineering Class with honors. Suddenly, Gabe comes in and tells Elena"He says he'll talk but only to you." Isabel notices Elena and Gabe leaving and asks what's going on. Elena tells her it's nothing for her to worry about and leaves with Gabe.  

Elena and Gabe head down to the dungeon and arrive at Victor's cell. Elena asks Victor what he has to tell her. Victor merely tells her that it's to inform her that he'll tell her nothing. Elena tries to get him to tell her where Ash and Carla are but gets nowhere until she mentions the Delgados' Cabin. Realizing that the Delgados didn't know they discovered it, Elena decides to ambush Ash and Carla at the Delgados' Cabin. Elena sends Gabe to fetch Naomi and Mateo. Isabel notices Naomi and Mateo leaving and follows them after grabbing her Go-Pack. Isabel uses one of her inventions to eavesdrop on Elena's plans. However, Gabe notices and exposes her. When Elena confronts her, Isabel voices how she wants to come on the grounds that she has inventions and gadgets that can help and that she can handle herself as she's been to college. Elena refuses both because it's dangerous and her belief that Isabel will just get in the way and sends her back to the party. Undeterred, Isabel changes into her hiking outfit and climbs inside the luggage rack on the Royal Carriage where she falls asleep after it sets off.  

The group arrives at the Delgados's Cabin. Elena, Naomi, Gabe, and Mateo surround the cabin. Isabel wakes up and gets out of the luggage conpartment. Elena hears her and sends her friends in. Naomi, Gabe, and Mateo only end up attacking each other as Ash and Carla aren't there. Back outside, Elena is as far away from being pleased as possible that her little sister stowed away. Isabel doesn't even notice her big sister's displeasure as she's too busy examining little blue rocks which she traces to the cabin while being folllowed by Elena who is furious both because Isabel isn't even listening to her and because Isabel is walking away while she's still talking to her. Isabel tells the group that the blue rocks are lava rocks that only come from one place: Xotep, a volcano in Central Avalor that known for it's errie blue lava. The group tells Elena to let Isabel stay especially after she reveals she has a map to Xotep. Elena agrees on the consition that she stay in the coach.  

At Xotep, Ash and Carla have indeed shown up there and have met the Malvago who trained Ash: Zopilote. Ash asks Zopilote for new tamboritas but he instead gives Ash a puzzle map that reveals a map to Takaina, the crystal forge where the Maruvians used create their mystical treasures and artifacts, including the Scepter of Light. Ash tells Carla to practice her tamborita while she solves the puzzle. Outside, the blasting draws the attention of Elena's group. The groups clash in a way that leaves Elena dangling from a cliff. The group rescues Elena with Isabel's inventions while the Delgados escape. Elena welcomes Isabel to the team but still grounds her much to her friend's disaponitment for disobeying her.