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Images of Skully in Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

Season 1[]

Season One Intro[]

Episode 1[]

Hide the Hideout![]

The Old Shell Game[]

Episode 2[]

Hats Off to Hook![]

Escape from Belch Mountain[]

Episode 3[]

Off the Hook[]

Never Say Never![]

Episode 4[]

Yo Ho, Food to Go![]

Basketballs Aweigh![]

Episode 5[]

The Sky's the Limit![]

Bucky Makes a Splash[]

Episode 6[]

Happy Hook Day![]

No Returns![]

Episode 7[]

Izzy's Pirate Puzzle[]

The Never Land Games[]

Episode 8[]

Free Wheeling Fun[]

The Race to Never Peak![]

Episode 9[]

Cubby's Sunken Treasure[]

Cubby's Goldfish[]

Episode 10[]

Surfin' Turf[]

The Seahorse Roundup[]

Episode 11[]

It's a Pirate Picnic![]

The Key to Skull Rock[]

Episode 12[]

The Never Bloom![]

Jake's Starfish Search[]

Episode 13[]

Hook Seals a Deal![]

The Emerald Coconut[]

Episode 14[]

The Golden Twilight Treasure![]

Rock the Croc![]

Episode 15[]

The Elephant Surprise![]

Jake's Jungle Groove[]

Episode 16[]

The Golden Egg[]

Huddle Up![]

Episode 17[]

Save The Coral Cove![]

Treasure Chest Switcheroo[]

Episode 18[]

Birds of a Feather[]

Treasure Show and Tell![]

Episode 19[]

The Pirate Princess[]

The Rainbow Wand[]

Episode 20[]

The Sword and the Stone[]

Jake's Home Run![]

Episode 21[]

Captain Hook's Parrot[]

Skybird Island is Falling![]

Episode 22[]

Night of the Golden Pumpkin[]

Trick or Treasure![]

Episode 23[]

The Pirate Pup![]

Pirate Rock![]

Episode 24[]

It's a Winter Never Land![]

Hook on Ice![]

Episode 25[]

Peter Pan Returns[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

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