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Sleeping Mermaid
Season 3, Episode 18A
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Season 3 Title Card - Sleeping Mermaid
Air date September 19, 2014
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"Sleeping Mermaid" is the third season and the first segment of the eighteenth episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the Seventy-ninth episode in the series overall.



Marina needs to help Hook to wake up the queen before she must following the three steps for Captain Hook, The Spell Shell has appeared on the rock wall because she has a deep sleep. Hook was scared about impassible thorns because he forgot the pearl, So that he will using a shovel to digging the impassible thorns away. After Captain Hook was passed through the impassible thorns, So Cubby will collect four more gold doubloons. Izzy was using a seaweed rope to hanging up to the tower, until Hook was climbing until to the top after he will remember it. After using a seaweed rope to help Captain Hook to climb the tower and helping him climb faster, So Jake will collect four more gold doubloons. Jake and his crew were need to stumbles Hook's coat, then he will kissing to Queen Coralie as like a story book. After that, the queen has woken up and then he completed the three steps. At last, Hook was stolen her reward from the water view and she makes marina felt sad, Queen Coralie saw hook was taking marina's reward away and she makes so unhappy. So that Jake and his crew were laughed at Hook because he was taken a reward away from Marina.


  • Jake and his crew were got eight gold doubloons.
  • In the series, Marina marked twenty-third appearance; and Queen Coralie marked sixth appearance in this episode.
  • This is the first time Captain Hook chases after Tick-Tock Croc instead of running away.
  • The three singing Clams from the episode "Sandy and the Clams" makes a cameo appearance.



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