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Princess Sofia Balthazar the First
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Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Sofia the First
Also known as: Princess Sofia, Sofia, Sof,
Occupation: Princess of Enchancia
Species: Human
Age: 8 (in season 1)
8-9 (in season 2)
9-10 (in season 3)
10-11 (in season 4)
Relatives: Miranda (mother), King Roland II (stepfather), Princess Amber (stepsister), Prince James (stepbrother)
Friends: Clover the Rabbit, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Princess Aurora, Snow White, Princess Jasmine, Jane and Ruby, Prince Zandar, Baileywick, Cedric, Princess Elena, Princess Isabel, Rapunzel, Olaf, Tiana, Kazeem, Princess Vivian, Princess Kari, Prince Desmond, Calista, Mandy, Princess Zooey, Princess Oona, Princess Cora, Queen Emmaline, Sofia the Second ( formerly ), Lucinda, Meg & Peg, Wendell Fidget, Crackle, Princess Vivian, Mia and Robin, Whatnaught, Princess Ivy, Miss Nettle, Prisma, Princess Lani, Princess Hildegard, Princess Clio, Princess Cassandra
Enemies: Miss Nettle, Princess Ivy, Wendell Fidget, Prisma ( all formerly ), Sofia The Second, Mamanu, Milo The Snake, Twitch, Vor, Sphinx, Wormwood
Voiced by: Ariel Winter

Princess Sofia the First is the titular character of the show with the same name. She is the princess of Enchancia after her mother's marriage to the king.


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Sofia is extremely kind to others even if they are not kind to her. She always wants to help people, and she can see the good in folks even if nobody else does. But when someone does something bad to her, like breaking her trust, that's when she'll get very angry and stay that way until she gets an apology.

Physical appearance[]

From the pilot special Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess until the special Elena and the Secret of Avalor, Sofia wears a lilac gown and a crystal tiara. She also has reddish-brown hair and blue eyes and wears the Amulet of Avalor (given to her by King Roland II). Starting with Elena and the Secret of Avalor, her gown is redesigned to lavender with a pink underskirt. her amulet also changes to pink.

Powers and Abilities[]

Although a young girl, Sofia has displayed various skills, abilities, and magical potential.

  • The Amulet of Avalor: This magical amulet, gifted to her by her stepfather, grants Sofia the power to talk to animals (for which the amulet blessed her when she helped a baby bird back into its nest). When she helps Oona the mermaid out of a fishnet, the amulet blesses her with the ability to transform into a mermaid and gain everything that comes with it, including the ability to breathe underwater. Her most recent abilities are to turn herself into any animal she sees in front of her and to turn herself into a fairy. The Amulet also gives her the ability to shrink herself at will; she can even shrink what she is wearing to scale. It also summons the Disney Princesses when she needs help.
  • Flying Horse-riding: Sofia tried out for the Royal Prep Flying Derby team in "Just One of the Princes", with Minimus as her steed. After hard work and training, she managed to win her spot on the team, and became a skilled flying horse-rider. She uses those skills later to rescue Clover from Boswell, then to chase Wormwood, the latter event occurring in her regular dress. This leads to James desiring her as his teammate. Her skills have grown to the point where she can teach herself how to drive a flying coach and a flying sleigh and how to ride a griffin. However, this skill does not immediately translate well when it comes to flying enchanted objects--it takes a day for Sofia to learn to fly a carpet, this being exacerbated by the carpet being wild.
  • Magic: Sofia began lessons in magic and sorcery in "Cedric's Apprentice", first having trouble with a spell to turn things into rubies. But with help from her temporary sorcery-teacher, Cedric the Sorcerer, she soon masters the ability to cast spells although it requires a wand. This comes in handy later when she frees the fairies from their bubble. However, after her first try at spell-casting when she put everyone attending her first ball to sleep, she remains cautious about bold magical attempts, even in measuring magical plant food. However, her skill has greatly increased, allowing her to break a bubble trapping the headmistresses in one try. As Cedric's apprentice, Sofia got to clean Cedric's books, enabling her to know of a few spells, such as one concerning animal-human transformation that came up when she later turned into a cat. In a rare exception of recklessness around magic, Sofia tested Cedric's new Duplication Spell on herself, despite the food-loving Clover advising her to copy the apple she had tried it out on first four or five more times. This recklessness led to the creation of Sofia the Worst. Her magical skills and knowledge have grown to the point where she is the top student in Sorcery Class. She most recently learned some spells from Merlin.
  • Various Buttercup Girl Scout Skills: As a Buttercup Scout, Sofia has learned many outdoor skills, such as wood-gathering, identifying various herbs, survival skills, etc.
  • Leadership: Sofia displayed potential and competency as a leader, when she led her fellow Buttercups in making a sled so they could hurry an ill Baileywick to get treatment at the castle. When Roland was lost in a snowstorm, she ordered the animals of the woods to find him and bring back proof. When rescuing Clover from Boswell, she used strategy with Mia, Robin, Crackle, and Minimus, tricking Boswell into choosing her for a magic trick and repeatedly impeding him from holding on to Clover for long until Crackle shook him off for good with a fiery blast. When defeating Miss Nettle with Cedric, she begins to develop her cunning by using Clover's chewing ability with Wormwood's wings to get a spare wand for Cedric when his original wand is damaged, then uses his Morpho Mirrors trick to trap Miss Nettle. When the island she is having a picnic with her mother and siblings is levitated, her quick wit is used again when she tries to pull them down to a neighboring island with her allies and a rope. Sofia, however, often has difficulty seeing other people's viewpoints, but if she knows those views, she uses them well to her advantage. She also, especially with Amber, is good at winning arguments over opinions on how things should be run. Sofia has recently proven to be good at thinking through how to solve difficult tasks, such as finding the answer to an ogre's riddle, then at figuring out how to make a good science project without Hocus Crocus. When James becomes King For The Day, she proves to be a competent Royal Adviser. Sofia, unlike James, easily takes advice and learns well from experience. Her physical prowess improves after taking Roland's advice and running a race course as a cat in "When You Wish Upon a Well". However, when around figures of authority, even her siblings, Sofia can be overpowered due to her feeling insecure about lacking royal birth.
  • Athletic Prowess: Despite initially being clumsy, Sofia has shown that she possesses superb athletic prowess. She was strong enough to fling Prince Hugo off his horse and into the haystacks and the RPA fountain, despite the fact that Hugo is bigger. This physical strength is due to her sportsmanship and, for her arm strength, her fencing, and her wand-waving. She also possesses great stamina as shown when she marched through a jungle all the way to the Jade Jaguar's cave, a feat that easily tired out Amber and Jun. Her prowess was heightened when she retained the cat reflexes she gained after Amber accidentally turned her into a cat. Her athletic prowess has grown to the point where both the Dunwiddie Ducks and Royal Redhawks wanted her to be on their team for the King's Cup. Most recently, she was able to airlift a grown man wearing armor.
  • Enchanted Ice Dancing: Sofia had trouble learning to ice dance in the beginning. When Prince Hugo saw this, he decided to help her out, and she got every move down. Although she became one of the best ice dancers at Royal Prep, she tells Hugo that she still needs help with her royal round-off.
  • Discipline: Sofia has shown throughout the series to have an unusually high level of maturity and self-control for a child her age. She is able to remain calm in most situations and rarely loses her temper (in the episode Mystic Meadows, she stomps her foot in front of Goodwin the Great due to the latter not realizing the reason behind Cedric’s messing up). It is revealed in "Stormy Lani" that Sofia achieves this by thinking "sunny thoughts".
  • Frigid Temperature Tolerance:Unlike the other members of her family, Sofia is shown to have a remarkable tolerance to the cold, as shown when she dressed up in a cloak whereas the rest of her family had to wear fur coats, and when she was the only one who was not shivering in the coach when she and her family were caught out in a blizzard.
  • Swordsmanship: Sofia is shown to be skilled with a sword. It is revealed that this is due to taking Fencing Class at Royal Prep.
  • Mechanical Skill: Sofia has shown remarkable mechanical ability in "In a Tizzy" when she built a really fast go-carriage from parts she salvaged from Enchancia Castle's junkyard. It's revealed in "Princess Jade" that she gained this skill in Architecture Class at Dunwiddie School.
  • Sewing: Sofia is shown to be a very talented seamstress, taught from a very young age by Miranda (who had to partially depend on sewing for her livelihood as a shoemaker). This is especially relevant in the episode "Princess Butterfly" in which she is able to expertly craft her own swan costume.
  • Enchanto-Zoology: Sofia's love of magic and ability to talk to animals has given her extensive knowledge of Enchanted Creatures.
  • Magical Knowledge: Sofia love of magic has given her superb knowledge of magical things. She uses numerous spells in the episode "Substitute Cedric". She is able to perform a spell to make a copy of herself in the episode "Sofia the Second", however, the spell goes awry. In the episode "Make Way for Miss Nettle", Sofia is extremely skilled at using magic to grow enchanted flowers. Sofia has at least a basic understanding of magical spells.
  • Bright Light of Goodness: A magical power coming from Sofia herself. It is a powerful light raised from Sofia's heart and can be guided by Sofia's mind to her chosen target. The light is potentially lethal for evil creatures and can dissolve evil spirits and evil ghosts into nothingness, as shown in "Forever Royal". The light can be used as a shield against magical attacks.