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Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Show: Special Agent Oso
Occupation: Special Agent
Species: Cat
Age: 21
Friends: Oso, Wolfie, Paw Pilot, Mr Dos, Whirly Bird, R.R Rapide, Buffo, Musa
Catchphrase(s): "Spot on, Oso!"
"Listen up, Oso!"
First Appearance: "Goldflower"
Last Appearance: "Thundersmall"
Voiced by: Amber Hood

Dotty is a lovely female special agent animal that regularly assists Oso in his training. It is hinted that she may have feelings for Oso. She is best friend to Oso.

Physical appearance[]

Dotty is an orange cat with a Southern accent and wears a pink jacket and she has green eyes.


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