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Special Agent Oso (character)
Groovy Special Agent Oso
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Show: Special Agent Oso
Occupation: Special Agent
Species: Bear
Age: 20–21
Friends: Dotty, Wolfie (best friend), Buffo, Musa, Whirly Bird, Paw Pilot, R.R Rapide, Mr Dos, Manny,Lily (Special Agent Oso)
Catchphrase(s): It's all part of the plan, more or less
Sounds like a plan
Seat belt first before you go.
First Appearance: "To Grandma With Love"
Last Appearance: "Thundersmall"
Voiced by: Sean Astin


Special Agent Oso is a talking stuffed teddy bear with lots of gadgets and goes on missions to help children achieve a task. And has cream muzzle and a space suit with paw pilot


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