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Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Special Agent Oso
Occupation: Special Agent
Species: Wolf
Age: 20
Friends: Oso, Dotty, Buffo, Musa, Paw Pilot, Mr Dos, Whirly Bird, R.R Rapide, Shutterbug

Zahra the toddler special agent

Catchphrase(s): "A-WOOO-tstanding!"
"Now pay attention, Oso."
First Appearance: "To Grandma With Love"
Last Appearance: "Thundersmall"
Voiced by: Phill Lewis

Wolfie is a special agent and is one of the two deuteragonists of the 2009 animated Playhouse Disney/Disney Junior show Special Agent Oso. He assists Oso (his best friend) in his training exercise he has a little toddler sister name zahra who has adhd and is pre diabetic and loves doing ballet and she is new special agent along with OSO and his friends and get to help OSO with special assignments and training exercises in every episodes and get to wear her vest and with paw pilot badge Zahra is the baby pink version of her big brother name WOLFIE


Special Agent Wolfie loves to help Dotty and Oso. One of the special agent animals that regularly assist Oso in his training.


A blue stuffed wolf.


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