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Spidey and His Amazing Friends is an American-Canadian computer-animated superhero children's television series that premiered on Disney Junior on August 6, 2021.


In New York City, 3 friends work together as a Team to save the Day from everyday problems. Peter Parker (also Known as Spidey and Voiced by Benjamin Valic), who has the Spider abilities to swing around using his webs as he and the ability to Predict what bad things happens, Gwen Stacy (also Known as Ghost Spider and Voiced by Lily Sanfelippo), who can glide with her arms and she also has the ability of deduction, and Miles Morales (also Known as Spin and Voiced by Jakari Fraser) who has the ability to cloak, These 3 friends will work together as friends to solve every problem that is caused by a villain.


International Titles[]

  • Spidey y su super equipo (Spain)
  • Spidey y sus sorprendentes amigos (Latin America)
  • Spidey e i suoi fantastici amici (Italy)
  • Spidey et ses amis extraordinaires (France)



  • This is Marvel's first preschool series.