Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Crab
Age: 60+
Friends: Zooter, Ellyvan, Bungo, Crocker, Toadhog, Dozer, Carla, Hippobus, Lance, Mrs Jolly, The Beetlebugs, Bobby
Occupation: Taxi Driver
Voiced by: Jess Harnell
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Taxicrab is a crab with a Carribean accent.


His name derives from a Taxicab and he is the only wheeler that is able to drive sideways (from both his crabbiness and the way that Taxi Cabs typically cut in front of other drivers). He is very similar to Sebastian from The Little Mermaid He lives in a houseboat on the river that passes through the town. a cheery cabbie type who likes to think of himself as a bit of a philosopher who'll happily tell you how he would solve the jungle's problems.He is also the only one of the jungle inhabitants that can swivel his wheels and drive sideways, which often takes the others by suprise! He loves to dance and can be a bit of a show off with his amazing juggling skills which can come in handy at the juice bar which he owns and runs Jungle Junction ! He can mix up the most delicious fruit smoothies using ingeredients from the jungle, which can go down extremly well with the Jungle Junction inhabitants, partically Ellyvan who is fond of his Booglie Banana Suprise.


Taxicrab is red and has little white eyes, Taxicrab is a crab.A crab with a Caribbean accent that loves to dance and makes the greatest smoothies in the jungle.inside she's a Tomboy and likes being around Zooter to (Zooter's fave smoothie is Strawberry) and is also Izzy In Icarly She's Nora to