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The Mousekedoer Song Is Another Song From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Witch It’s A Song Beetwin Toodles And Mickey They Sing The Song And It Shows The Tools From Toodles.


Come on everybody (Mickey)

Let's go get our Mouseketools from the Mousekedoer Mouseke Hey Mouseke Hi,Mouseke Ho,Mouseke Ready,Mouseke Set Here We Go! You’re Thinking And A Solving Working Together Mouseke Me Mouseke You Mousekedoer Mouseke Me Mouseke You Mousekedoer (Mickey Saids It)

oh Toodles Its Time To Get The Mouseketools To Help Us Do It! (Mickey Again)

Meeska Moooska Mousekedoer! (Mickey Stills Saying It)

Toodles Has The Tools! mouseketools! (Mickey Saids It Again Soo loud)

So Toodles Will Bring Them He’s Here For Meedles And Youdles And All We Have To Say Is Ohh Toodles All We Have To Say Is all Toodles (Mickey Again But Saids It Loud)

all We Need To Say Is Oh Toodles!!!! (Toodles Saids It)

Song Made By Some Of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Creadors