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Characters Present[]

  • Jake
  • Izzy
  • Skully
  • Cubby
  • Captain Hook
  • Mr. Smee
  • Sharky
  • Bones
  • Mama Hook


While On Never Land,Cubby tries to crack open a coconut, to make a milkshake. But proved difficult for young pirate, Jake offers to assist using his sword to crack it open. But when he was about to swing, a mysterious figure in a black mask snatched it out his hand. The crew saw the Mystery Pirate's grace, and skill figured it wasn't Captain Hook, so they chased after the Mystery Pirate.

Meanwhile, Hook and his crew were trying to find their way back to the Jolly Roger. Suddenly, the Mystery Pirate swoop off with Hook's hook right off his arm, and used it to zip down a rope. Jake and the crew came up behind, offered to work together to reclaim their belongings.

As the chase went on, Hook's crew thought they saw the Mystery Pirate up ahead, but Jake thought it looked kinda wobbly. Hook and his crew jumped a decoy dummy of the Mystery Pirate and got scooped up in a net.

After getting out of the net, Hook accepted Jake's offer to work together. Both crews took a raft down a river, but the current began to sweep them toward a waterfall. Hook got an idea, he used his "fishing-rod hook" to hook a nearby tree, and pull them to shore. Everyone pulled with him, and they made it. The Mystery Pirate tried to get away, but Izzy sprinkled pixie dust to catch the Mystery Pirate. The Mystery Pirate took off its mask, it was Mama Hook. She only took Hook's hook and Jake's sword, as part of her plan to show Captain Hook; that it's better to work together with others.