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The Never Land Coconut Cook-Off
Season 3, Episode 8A
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Season 3 Title Card - The Neverland Coconut Cook-Off
Air date February 21, 2014
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"The Never Land Coconut Cook-Off" is the third season and the first segment of the eighth episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the sixty-ninth episode in the series overall.



It's a big day on Never Land, Jake with his crew were going to Neverland Cook-Off because The Contestants were waiting. Before starting to Cook, Jake and Hook's crew were began preparing with his own recipe. And then, Skully was tells to Hook to prevent trying to stoles a Golden Spoon a Pride. Skully has ranged the bell because the cook-off was begun, Hook was thinking which one of the delicious recipe to cook. However, Misty was forgotten to looking on her Misty's Cook-Book during she wanted to help Izzy and John to adjusting the ingredients. After telling to Sharky and Bones, Hook was borrowed her Misty's Cook-Book and then to making a Delicious Coconut Soufflé and then he wanted to wins the contest. Both Sharky and Bones were sang the "Cook-Off Song" during he was making a recipe. After making the dishes, Hook was going to taking a Bowl of Soufflé and then to putting into the Soufflé oven.

During the judge, Skully was going to taste their dishes for Jake and Hook crew. Suddenly, The Mr.Flag was out of control, So Jake and his crew were going to take cover. After a while, A Soufflé Monster has appeared and he will broke Mr.Flag's Cooking Machine. Misty was going to tells to Hook because he was made a gooey mess after he was stolen a Misty's Cook-Book. Misty was tries to using a Magic Wand to Stop, A Monster was going to thrown a Magic Wand to the ground, Then he will grab Izzy. When Izzy was tries to reach her Pixie Dust, However it fails because she had an emergencies. So Jake, Cubby, Nibs, John, Nana, Skully and Misty were going to rescue Izzy.

When Jake and his crew with Misty were at the Belch Mountain trail, they were following a Soufflé Monster. Cubby was knew he will let a Monster was growing bigger after cook them more. First, Jake was using a bucket of Ice cream to make him to slowing down, he will got two gold doubloons. Next, Cubby was passing the clusters let him to slowing down and sticks the feet to the ground, following the same as Jake. However, Izzy tells to Cubby's Clusters that didn't work. Meanwhile, Jake and his crew with Misty were looked a monster was climbing to the Volcano with Izzy. Jake was telling to Izzy which means we need a Coconutty PopCorn to make a loud noise. Izzy was already left from Cook-Off because a monster was grabbed her, and Skully was going to help before tells Hook to sit tightly. Then, He will using a bag of popcorn and then to drop into the volcano. Finally, Jake, Cubby, Skully and Misty were covered on Popcorn, She will got five gold doubloons after successfully stops a Soufflé Monster. At last, Skully was awarded The Golden Spoon of Pride to Izzy and John, because the recipe was delicious after they save the Never Land with a gooey monster.


  • Jake with his crew were got nine gold doubloons.
  • A Soufflé Monster was made by Hook and made a gooey mess with their crew.
  • Skully was judged Izzy and John because the recipe was delicious.
  • Cubby was holding a Golden Spoon because he made a new clusters.
  • Soufflé Monster marked first and last appearance in this episode.
  • In the series, Misty the Wonderful Witch marked fifth appearance in this episode.
  • This segment was wrote by Mark Drop.



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