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The Old Shell Game
Season 1, Episode 1B
The Old Shell Game! Title Card
Air date February 14, 2011
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"The Old Shell Game" is the first season and the second segment of the first episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the first episode in the series overall.



When Jake and his crew were going to playing coconut ball game, Izzy tells to Jake, Nibs and Cubby to come over here because she found a pink polka-dotted shell has washed to Pirate Island Beach. Because they wants to add to his collection. Meanwhile, Hook was taking a Izzy's Shell from their Sea Pups and sails to Never Land. Izzy doesn't like Hook because he was a greedier than eight armed octopus. So Jake and his crew were going to help Izzy to giving a seashell back. When Jake and his crew were reaching Hook, Jake was going to says nicely first, However Hook can't hear them. Cubby was thinked about he will use my map and then to roll into a tube to make the voice louder. Mr.Smee was listened the sea pups voice was loud and clear, So that he decided to giving a Izzy's Shell back. Hook was finding a Izzy's Shell at the Hook's Cupboard, However it's gone. Both Hook and Smee were looked the seashell was moved to floating logs. At least both Pirate Ship were sailed to group of rocks and avoided the rock formations, But Bucky was setup a raft. Izzy warned Jake and his crew because it will won't reach Hook and a seashell, So they decided to pedal faster.

After a while, Both Hook's Rowboat and a raft were sailed to Seashell's Beach, Jake and Hook were search a floating log, but they can't found. So that he looked the seashell was moved to higher cliff. Hook was decided to using a Fishing Pole to reach it, But it missed. So that Skully was going to manages and claim the seashell from Hook. Hook was tries to putting a seashell's cupboard for Mr.Smee, However a hermit crab was pinched him. Skully was looked a lots of seashell were at the beach. Jake and his crew were saw a lot of seashells at the beach, So Izzy was going to find a shell with a hermit crab inside collection and she will get three gold doubloons.

After she found a shell, Hook decides to takes Izzy's Shell again. So Izzy was going to use her pixie dust and she makes to fly, until she felt happily after she got a seashell back from Hook. Smee was tripped Hook's feet and let the seashells has fallen from the Hook's Cupboard.

When Jake and his crew were returning to the Pirate Island, She looked a seashell was tickles me and then a Hermit Crab has appeared from Izzy's Shell inside. A Hermit Crab was going to leaving from Pirate Island and swum away. At last, Izzy was remembered the rules is: "Seashell and Hermit Crab".


  • Jake and his crew were got nine gold doubloons.
  • The first episode is the first time to take place on the island in Never Land.
  • Both Sharky and Bones were marked first appearance in this episode.
  • Snappy the Hermit Crab marked first appearance in this episode.
  • The Sea Pups were doing their Seashell Searchers.
  • "Seashell" and "Hermit Crab" both as an object and a animal.
  • Don Gillies was written in this episode.





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